The heart of any great city is a vibrant downtown where we all benefit from the culture, history, environment and entertainment.  The Round is a place to share ideas, to work, and to celebrate. It is a place for rituals old and new, for transforming the landscape of business, culture, and commerce.

The arc of seating steps will allow visitors an opportunity to sit and experience the artistic impressions of nature.

Inspiration & History

Inspiration & History

In 1847 Oregon settlers were drawn to the central Beaverton area by a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and productive terrain that was well-suited for agriculture. In the 1870s agriculture continued to power the economy as the next generation of settlers arrived from the mid-West, East Coast, and Europe. Swiss, Germans, Irish, and Italians cleared the land as they established dairy and vegetable farms and logging/lumbering operations.

In 1920 newlyweds, Louie and Rose Biggi purchased 14 acres to farm near what is now Cedar Hills Blvd. Louie died in 1927 leaving Rose to raise three children-and 14 acres of vegetables. Three of those acres were horseradish. Rose eventually built the Beaverton Horseradish Factory. Rose’s legacy continues with her family producing numerous product lines under the Beaverton Foods label.

Transportation has played an important part in Beaverton’s development.  It started in 1908 with electric trains and 50 years later diesel trains took over.  Today, the Max light rail blue line from Portland serves Beaverton Central and west to Hillsboro.  Just a few blocks east of the Round is the TriMet Westside Express Service a commuter rail line serving Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville.

Central Beaverton is also the former home of the Bernard Airport, adjacent to Cedar Hills Boulevard. Until 1966, when it was demolished to build a mall, Bernard Airport was Oregon’s oldest operating airport and is now the site of the Cedar Crossing Mall.

Fast forward to 2003, ground breaking begins for the area’s first contemporary and sustainable multi-use project.  The Round was born.  The Watson Building and the Crescent Promenade construction began bringing a distinct sense of architecture and ambiance to the suburban landscape.  In 2006 the parking garage was constructed.  Today, the South Plaza transformation and park restoration combined with City Hall moving into the South Office Building creates the premier mixed use space The Round was intended to be and is a testament to the significant role The Round will play in the future.