The Round – Connecting Vision, Creativity and Community

About the Round

The Round is the premier mixed use space of the West Side providing local restaurants, creative workspace, condominiums, a mass transit center and sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. The entire Round project comprises two office buildings (the Watson Building and the South Office Building), a parking garage structure with ground-level retail space, the Crescent Promenade Building that contains 24,000 SF of retail with 63 residential condominiums located above, and four parking lots.

The Round is a hub of entrepreneurship – fostering creativity, ease of transportation options, and a European promenade feel. The multi-use design creates the physical and cultural heart of the Central Beaverton Neighborhood proclaiming “community” – the perfect venue for outdoor theater, farmer’s markets, wine and coffee sipping, and people watching.

The mission behind this multi-use space supports all things unique to our metro area – local entrepreneurs and homegrown businesses, public spaces, creativity, sustainability, parks and art. The Round is committed to bringing and keeping these values in all aspects of our space.